What is the ISRC Peer Mentor Program?

The ISRC College Navigator Mentorship Program was created to further support students of DACA, undocumented, immigrant, and refugee backgrounds and establish a stronger community at the UA. The 2021-22 cohort is the first cohort in our program. Our mentors will mentor 20 students and each mentor will have a maximum of 5 mentees to provide individual support. Mentees are expected to meet with their mentor at least once a month, totaling 5 times a semester.

The program is open to students from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, especially students with DACA, undocumented, asylee, refugee, or another immigration status.

  1. Support students’ and families’ interests in and navigation of college and post-college endeavors through ISRC’s 6 areas of support
  2. Empower students to define their own narratives and self-advocate as they navigate their educational experiences
  3. Through centering health and wellness, build community and foster belonging
  1. Connect to resource (follow-through); engaging w/ events discussed during mentorship meetings
  2. End of year reflection project from mentorship experience (to build momentum)
  3. Increase in understanding of post-graduation options and pathways (workforce, graduate school)
  4. Connect to legal resources

Program Specifics for Mentees & Mentors

The information below is for mentees and mentors involved with our peer mentor program.

In order to complete the mentorship program each semester and receive the peer mentorship scholarship, mentees must complete the following by the end of each semester:

  • Attend ISRC Peer Mentor orientation event
  • Meet with mentor at least once a month (5 total per semester)
  • Complete Student Journey Tool at the beginning of the semester
  • Complete Mentor Feedback form
  • Attend at least 1 ISRC event with mentor each semester (virtual or in-person)
  • Attend at least two information/education workshops on topics of your choice (do not have to be ISRC events)
  • Schedule & attend at least 1 advising/coaching session with Dr. Allen, ISRC Student Success Liaison
  • Meet at least once with ISRC Immigration Legal Services fellow or legal services partners (*can be waived)

Additionally, mentees are expected to:

  • Respect mentor
  • Remember they are knowledge-creators
  • Be timely with meetings
    • Notify mentor if your absence is unavoidable
  • Address communication needs and concerns (e.g., text/call/email preferences)
  • Seek guidance from your mentor when needed
  • Notify ISRC Coordinator and/or Graduate Assistant of any emergencies

In our attempt to create opportunities for more equitable relationships to be established, we expect the following from mentors:

  • Attend ISRC peer mentor orientation event with mentee
  • Meet with mentee at least once a month (5 per semester)
  • Attend at least 1 ISRC event with mentee per semester (virtual or in-person)
  • Create communication plan with mentee to check-in regularly through phone, text, etc.
  • Update progress logs weekly
  • Attend weekly ISRC team meetings/work sessions for group problem solving and mentorship programming
  • Respond to mentee within 24-48 business hours of an email

Additionally, mentors are expected to:

  • Respect mentee
  • Remember they are knowledge-creators
  • Stay updated on immigration policies that may impact a mentee's experiences
  • Address communication needs and concerns (e.g., text/call/email preferences)
  • Serve as resource who is knowledgable about the ISRC and its mission & vision
  • Be accessible to mentees for any questions they might have and set appropriate boundaries
  • Help mentees transition into the University if they are new to the UA
  • Provide peer emotional support and direct mentee to mental health and well-being resources 
  • Encourage mentees to become actively involved in their education and on campus by providing tools to self-advocate
  • Provide an environment that is safer, braver, comfortable, and respectful
  • Provide a support network and sounding board for mentees on an ongoing basis
  • Notify ISRC Coordinator and/or Graduate Assistant of any emergencies