Financial Aid & Scholarships

We can help find scholarships and aid.

Institution, state, and federal laws stop students with DACA or who are undocumented from receiving financial aid. However, private scholarships are available. We encourage DACA and undocumented students to contact us for help finding scholarships and other sources of financial aid. Check out the resources below for more information on FAFSA and scholarships.

FAFSA & Immigrant Families

DACA Students

  1. DACA students can use their SSN to complete FAFSA. (For step-by-step see FAFSA_DACA guide document).

  2. Important to not misrepresent your status & should select “No, I am not a US citizen or eligible non-citizen.”

  3. Students will receive a rejection letter because they do not qualify for aid. But can still use your EFC to show need for scholarships.

Undocumented Students

  1. Cannot fill out the FAFSA because they don’t have a SSN.

  2. “Need” for scholarships can be determined through alternative ways. Contact school or ISRC for suggestions.

  3. Undocumented students should not submit anything to FAFSA regarding their status.

Students with Undocumented Parents/Guardians

The following steps apply only to students who are eligible to receive federal financial aid (e.g. U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents).

  1. Students should complete their portion of FAFSA.

  2. If parents/guardians are undocumented, list Social Security Number on FAFSA application as all zeros “000-00-0000.”

  3. NOTE: Some parents/guardians may have other numbers attached to their name such as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Do not enter these numbers because they will fail to data match with the Social Security Administration.

  4. Select "Will not file" for Parents/guardians tax question. 

  5. Parents/guardians income must be entered manually. Do not use IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

  6. Parents/guardians cannot create an online PIN. They must print, sign, and mail ONLY the signature page.

  7. If the student’s FAFSA is selected for verification at a college/university, the parents/guardians will be required to provide an IRS tax transcript by filing IRS Form 4506-T. Requesting an IRS tax transcript online will speed up the process.

  8. The ISRC can help with this process. Contact us.

Scholarship Options


ScholarshipsA-Z provides resources and scholarships to students, families, and educators through online and community interactions, in order to make higher education accessible to all regardless of immigration status.

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UA President's Directed Scholarship Fund

The UA President's Directed Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to current and incoming DACA students at the UA. To see if you qualify for this scholarship, please contact us.

Matt Matera
Coordinator, ISRC
(520) 626-2300

Immigrants Rising

Immigrants Rising offers lists of scholarships that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency. 

Undergraduate scholarships Graduate scholarships

DREAMer's Roadmap


Checkout this mobile app that connects undocumented students to scholarship opportunities.

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Other UA Scholarships

Checkout the scholarships offered through the UA's Scholarship Universe. Some of the scholarships offered do not require a Social Security Number.

Scholarship Universe