Legal Support

We protect immigrants and refugees by providing legal resources and teaching Know Your Rights information.

Everyone has rights. This includes undocumented people and DACA recipients, refugees, holders of Temporary Protected Status, and everyone who is from an immigrant or refugee background. At the ISRC, we believe that knowing your rights and connecting you to legal resources provides more protection and support in a volatile environment that challenges the rights of immigrant and refugee communities. 

Know Your Rights

Everyone has rights. Knowing them can be a challenge. Check out these resources to ensure you know your rights as an immigrant or refugee at school, home and work.

What are my rights?


Learn the resources we have to help DACA recipients at and beyond the UA.

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Temporary Protected Status

For immediate assistance contact us at or (520) 626-6619.

Permanent Residents

For immediate assistance contact us at or (520) 626-6619.